Why Spas Need Tea: Reason #1

When was the last time you served your clients tea? Certainly you serve your clients some form of complementary water, be it plain water or iced water with lemon. As there is some client excitement receiving complementary water, there is nothing unique. It’s just another cup of water. Everyone has come to expect water at spas. Water doesn’t differentiate you from other spas. Switch up your game and offer a hot cup of high-end tea instead. You’ll pleasantly surprise your clientele. Matthew Bine from Atlanta’s famous Spa Sydell claims that his “clientele loves [the Tea Cellar tea] as part of their spa experience.” Read more below to see the advantages of tea.

Tea is a health beverage. Besides being known as the second-most consumed beverage on the earth, water being the first, tea is known for its proven benefits for our bodies. Here is what Nicole Altavilla at American Spa has to say regarding tea’s health properties:
“When ingested, the health benefits of the steeped leaves are just about anyone’s    cup of tea. According to various studies, tea is anti-aging and can help prevent allergies, lower blood pressure and the risk of breast cancer, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. What many spa professionals are now discovering is that tea-based products applied topically to the skin can provide similar benefits and more because of the compounds found in tea leaves, such as alkaloids, minerals, polyphenols like catechins and flavonoids, polysaccharides, purines, vitamins, and essential oils.”

Just imagine: Your clientele can receive all the health benefits of a delicious and natural beverage, by coming to your spa and enjoying a warming cup before treatment!

Contact us for a tea menu that we will create specific to your services.

Happy tea providing,

Ryan A. Maguire
Founder, The Tea Cellar

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