The Tea Cellar brings select premium loose leaf teas to chefs and tea enthusiasts in the Southeast and beyond.  We service dining establishments, spas, hotels, and we cater to special events bringing premium loose leaf teas for all to enjoy.  With tea consumption on the rise, we believe that every fine restaurant will soon offer quality teas as an expected item on the menu.  Americans are increasingly discovering tea as a desired daily beverage like never before, and we are excited to be a part of bringing it to fruition!  This is what keeps us working to serve you.   

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* We have a certified Tea Sommelier, of the International Tea Masters Association® (ITMA), able to answer your tea related questions and assist with suggestions for your palate.
Just call or go to our 'contact us’ page with your inquiries. 




At The Tea Cellar, we emphasize the supernal qualities of tea. Tea is a spiritual beverage, tea is healing. Tea naturally warms the body and brings out good feelings. Our tea is sourced from private single-estate tea farms that have cared for the same tea plants for generations. We supply blended teas in pyramid teabags of the highest quality.  The teas, coming directly from traditional and organically grown tea gardens, are blended in small batches to maintain quality and freshness.  


We believe in tea and in all its goodness and want to share that with you.  So have a look in the cellar as you may discover your next favorite tea awaits.  Please let us know how we can best serve you.  If you have any questions when placing your order, please contact us at info@theteacellar.com or call 804-840-2882.