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Why Spas Need Tea: Reason #1

When was the last time you served your clients tea? Certainly you serve your clients some form of complementary water, be it plain water or iced water with lemon. As there is some client excitement receiving complementary water, there is nothing unique. It’s just another cup of water. Everyone has come to expect water at…
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Go Green! Learn about Green Tea Benefits

    Loose-leaf green tea is loaded with antioxidants that have many health benefits when consumed regularly. Green tea can lower bad cholesterol, improve teeth, it contains amino acids that improve brain function, helps regulate glucose levels, more ...  
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How much tea we drink!

Not convinced that tea consumption out-paces all drinks other than water? The following infographic shows the magnitude of just how much tea is being enjoyed in America, around the world and on a daily basis. Take a look:
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