Brewing at the recommended four minutes, I found the color of the tea, a warm amber, very pleasing to the eye. The taste was bold, yet smooth, with no bitter aftertaste so often associated with black tea. It was apparent that this Classic Black, was a cut above and an excellent premium tea. A very good value for a black tea, that suits everyday, as well as for those special occasions when you wish to impress.

A nice, mellow tea. Has a woodsy, fresh taste that's smooth with just a hint of bitterness. Good first tea for people used to bag-tea: notice how less watery-tasting this tea is compared with the usual grocery store-bought stuff. I recommend using 1 tbs / 8 oz. of water instead of the heaping teaspoon suggested. The tea is attractively packaged, and the bidegradable packing peanuts(used instead of styrofoam packing peanuts) were much appreciated.
R. S.,

A wonderful tea with a slightly nutty flavor that reminds me of my favorite oolongs. Like the poster above, I recommend steeping it a little longer than the recommended time, and using a little more tea per cup.

G. G.,
Effective strainer and brews a great cup of tea. Impressed with the fast service and delivery.
R. M.,