Tea for Hydration

Its summer. It is hot and we love it!  Some days staying hydrated becomes a challenge or the idea of drinking more water just isn’t inspiring. That’s why we reach for great tasting tea!

Tea offers a wider flavor profile than water.  Plus, pure tea without sugary additives contains many natural antioxidants, trace minerals and a wide range of natural flavors to choose from. 

Can’t boil the water right now for your tea? No problem! Here’s your solution: 

*Get your tea sachet and room temperature water. 

*Or fill half a sphere of your tea ball strainer with loose leaf tea, securely close the tea ball and place the tea leaves in your drinking vessel filled with room temperature water. 

*Anywhere from 8-12 oz water is best, depending on strength preferred.  

Just let it sit for up to an hour and you’ll have delicious tea at your fingertips. While boiling fresh water is ideal, this method works. We’ve infused tea this way a few times both working and traveling, and it works out very well, adding natural flavorful tea hydration to the day. 

Hydration is essential for overall good health. Staying hydrated helps rid us of toxins, lubricates our body, gives us energy from the oxygen in the water, delivers nutrients and helps to keep us in general good working order. So why not add some great tasting hydration with tea. Contact us anytime with tea related questions you may have: info@theteacellar.com

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