Summertime is Iced Tea-Time!

Summertime is Iced Tea-Time!

Many of us spend so much time outside in the warmer months, we’ve just got to have a quick and easy cool down.  This post is to make sure you are equipped with what you need for your favorite glass of quenching iced tea!  Most any type of tea can be used but the following focuses on all types of black tea. (Green teas and herbals are in a separate post.)  Please remember that black tea contains tannins in it, which is what gives the rich aftertaste we have come to love.  It also delivers about half the amount of caffeine you would get from a cup of coffee and countless antioxidants for a health boost. 

When making iced tea, generally you want to steep tea in half the amount of water normally used to make a hot cup of tea. Ice will compensate for the rest. You will want to steep your tea for the time it takes to reach the flavor you want.  A longer steeping time will taste richer and a shorter time gives a milder flavor. Herbal tisanes need longer steep times.  They are caffeine free while black and green teas contain varying levels of caffeine.  For directions for your best iced tea, read on! 

Black teas and black tea blends: 

*Using an 8 cup pitcher, boil 4 cups of water in a pan.  Once boiled take it off the heat and let it rest for a brief moment, as you do not want to boil the tea itself when added.  

*Add 3 tablespoons loose leaf black tea. Any variety of black tea will be great. [If you are using tea sachets, use 7-8 for steeping in the four cups of water.]  

*Steep for 4-8 minutes.  

*Using a tea strainer pour tea into a pitcher.  

*When room temperature, add sweetener if desired then fill your pitcher with ice.  Perfect for any black tea! Option: serve with lemon or fresh sprig of your favorite herb.  

Iced tea by the glass:

*Start by boiling about 5-8 ounces water.  

*Place a very well-rounded teaspoon of your loose leaf tea into a teapot or cup. For a 16 oz glass of iced tea, try 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea.

*Once boiled let the water cool a few seconds & pour it over your dry tea, approximately 195ºF. 

*Steep for 5-8 minutes.  

*Strain tea into a tall glass.

*Sweeten if desired or try honey in place of sugar. 

*Add ice and stir your fresh cool brew.  Perfect every time! 


*Only use bottled spring water or fresh tap water. 

*Do not over steep as you run the risk of making your tea bitter. 

*Most of all, make tea drinking a new daily habit!  The Tea Cellar’s organic premium tea is healthier than sugary alternatives and much more interesting than water.  Shop for yours today at Join our contact list and we’ll give you 10% off your purchase. 

Written by: R. Maguire July 20, 2020

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