Stir up your routine with tea!

This is one habit that is easy and delicious to achieve.  Routinely make a great cup of tea for yourself!  When I was new to 'tea' I had discovered many new flavors and learned such flavors can come from a natural plant source.  The more I experienced and learned about tea, the more I wanted to share and enjoy it. Making myself a cup of tea became a habit I looked forward to especially knowing I'd like the flavor.  Sometimes I still set the tea out so it will be available when I'm ready.  

The experience of making the cup of tea is in itself a wholesome break in the day. It gives you a chance to reflect, plan, or even be social. For me, tea in the afternoon seems the perfect time. It offers an afternoon pick-up, plus it’s early enough in the day so that caffeine won’t keep me up.  I can't imagine life without it now! I have been a happy and regular tea drinker for several years and love sharing in tea, anytime.

Discover your favorite tea and make a go of it for yourself – green, black or herbal, any tea will do!

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