Why Spas Need Tea: Reason #2

You need premium tea in your spa. Why? Try heightened client service. Clients need to feel important, distinguished, and cared for. Providing a warm cup of tea touches those needs of your clients. You might ask why. Tea signals a heightened layer of attention and care for the client. A warm cup of our delicious Berry Berry increases the pervicved value of your spa. Delivering this next-level service increases the value of the client's dollar. Their dollar buys more. Not only does their dollar buy treatment, it buys warm feelings and comfort. Importance. A cup of tea fits right in with classy extras including warm neck rolls, warm stones, and aromatic oils. Not only is our tea going to heighten your client's experience, it will heighten your competitive strength. Try advertising spa treatments with The Tea Cellar teas. How enticing! Make treatment packages with complimentary teas. There are many possibilities incorporating our tea into your practice. The bottom line is people love tea and people love spas. Why not combine the two and attract clientele with your spa and tea services. Sign me up!

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