Hospitality Stainless Steel Teapot...




L 5.79” x W 4.13” x H 3.47”  Weight 0.80 LB.


Designed for use commercially as well as at home for serving tea.  


Design details:

- stackable to save space
- dripless spout for smooth pouring
- built-in strainer accommodates loose leaf teas and tea bags
- large opening allows for easy cleaning
- stainless steel chip-free spout
- large handle for easy holding
- attached lid to prevent its loss
- ideal for hotel, restaurant, cafe and catering



*Add desired amount of loose leaf leaves or tea sachet.

*Gently pour hot water over the tea and close the lid.

*Steep tea for desired time.

*Pour tea into cup and enjoy.



Dishwasher safe


Heat resistant up to 284*F / 140*C


Price:  $45.00

Additional information

Weight .80 lbs
Dimensions 5.79 × 4.13 × 3.47 in